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Sherlock Holmes vs Moriarty

Clue Hunter

Sherlock Holmes needs a group of braves to break into Moriarty's lair and unmask him. This escape room is a spin off of the movie " Sherlock Holmes, A Game of Shadows " . Our detective finds something of vital importance and it is what he delivers to the Baker Street Irregulars . They are a group of orphans who help the detective in his investigations, getting clues or useful information that can help him. They are the ones who have to infiltrate Moriarty's lair and successfully overcome the challenges that come their way, in order to bring Sherlock Holmes the evidence he needs to incriminate him. The Baker Street Irregulars will be a recommended group of up to 5 people who will have to put their skills to the test. In Sherlock Holmes vs Moriarty imagination and manual dexterity are important . Therefore, everyone in the escape room must be very vigilant in order to successfully escape from Moriarty's secret lair. Cooperation , division of tasks , deduction and teamwork are undoubtedly skills that you will have to put into play.

  • 2-6
  • 60 mins
  • Unknown

Sherlock Holmes vs MoriartySherlock Holmes vs MoriartySherlock Holmes vs MoriartySherlock Holmes vs MoriartySherlock Holmes vs Moriarty
  • Real Life Escape Room

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