The King's Shilling
The King's Shilling
The King's Shilling

The King's Shilling

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Room Escape Cavendish

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The year is 1787, and King George III has been fighting too many wars on too many fronts. The British Royal Navy needs more men, and has resorted to trickery through the illegal process of impressment: hiring teams of thugs to hide a silver “King’s Shilling” in the bottom of a beer stein, and thereby conscripting unwilling volunteers to join the naval fleet. You’ve been conscripted and taken to your new ship, but once you get on board, you realize that your shilling is made of wood and not silver! Your impressment is invalid, and you can walk free…..but only if you can figure out how to prove it to Captain Malachi Wolfe before the H.M.S. Growl sets sail in an hour!

  • 2-8
  • 60 mins


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