Expediente Ajna  [Ajna file]
Expediente Ajna  [Ajna file]
Expediente Ajna  [Ajna file]

Expediente Ajna [Ajna file]

D20 Escape Game

  • Real Life Escape Room

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The development of the human brain remains unknown. Where does our intelligence lie and how can we exploit it to get the most out of it? Today, the Cognitive Research Institute (CRI) is the pioneer institution in cognitive research. Every year, it receives hundreds of gifted boys and girls who are studied by a team of elite scientists. But… how far should we go in the name of science? One of the CRI doctors is suspected of being in charge of an unauthorized project that can have fatal consequences for the participants. Someone needs to uncover it ASAP. Do you accept the challenge?

  • 2-6
  • 60 mins
  • Hard

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