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Vissza A Jelenbe [Back To The Present]

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The idea of ​​our most difficult and complex course to date is based on the story of the hit movie "Back to the Future". The year is 1985, the location is a decommissioned Soviet power plant, where you ended up because of a discharged flux capacitor. Your time machine needs energy, so it's obvious that you can generate it by turning on the reactor. Fortunately, Dr. Emmett Brown, also known as "the Doctor", used to work at the power plant, and since he already expected that a possible bad luck could bring you here, he left a lot of help in the office to solve the complicated task. However, you have a maximum of 90 minutes for this, as the site is checked every hour and a half by the security service and all unauthorized intruders are removed from there. Hurry up, so you don't accidentally get stuck in the past! Will you manage to get back to the present?

  • 3-10
  • 90 mins
  • Hard

Vissza A Jelenbe [Back To The Present]
  • Real Life Escape Room

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