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Operation Fuchsjagd [Operation Fox Hunt][Outdoor]

The Key Bremen - Live Escape Game

Our outdoor mission "Operation Fox Hunt" offers an unforgettable experience for the next trip with friends or as a children's birthday party. Equipped with an iPad and a mission case, the children follow in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes and Co. Because during the rally, the children are trained to become real secret agents . In smaller tasks, it is important to demonstrate the power of deduction, knowledge and teamwork - at least that's the plan. Because in the middle of the training everything turns out differently than expected: An agent has gone missing and it's up to the kids to take his case. It is now up to them to carry out "Operation Fox Hunt" and put a stop to a criminal gang. The "Fox", a notorious master thief, has actually managed to steal the precious Aurora Diamond. Numerous clues have to be deciphered, riddles solved and clues followed in order to finally find the hiding place of the diamond.

  • 5-7
  • 120 mins
  • Unknown

Operation Fuchsjagd [Operation Fox Hunt][Outdoor]Operation Fuchsjagd [Operation Fox Hunt][Outdoor]
  • Real Life Escape Room

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The Key Bremen - Live Escape Game

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