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Exit The Room Austria - Graz

  • Escape room
  • IRL

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On a steamer from London to New York you met your old friend John Watson, roommate and friend of Sherlock Holmes, London's most famous private investigator. When you return to Watson's cabin after a drink at the bar, you find a letter from Sherlock that makes your blood run cold. His abysmal evil antagonist Professor Moriati plays one of his insidious games again, but this time with a frighteningly high stake: He will sink the ship, passengers and crew if Sherlock doesn't manage to defuse the hidden bomb in time. Since even Sherlock Holmes has reached his detective limits here and time is already running out, he asks you for help. Are you smarter than the master himself and have enough ingenuity

  • 2-6
  • 60 mins
  • Hard


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