Vadkan [Wild Buck]
Vadkan [Wild Buck]

Vadkan [Wild Buck]

Escape Room Nyíregyháza - Camelot

  • Escape room
  • IRL

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In this story of ours, the players take exams from the glorious periods of Hungary. Our puzzles and puzzles revolve around these topics. There is an organization in the infinite universe outside of space and time, the Cathedral, that dominates the technology of time travel. He supervises and coordinates our actions. They say "the past is unchangeable", but the question is which past do we know. Have they already intervened or not? According to their claim, they are unable to travel to the future, but during their research they were able to discover parallel dimensions. Their agents, their specially trained people, are able to intervene, from ancient Rome to the recent past, to worlds dominated by magic, if their interests so desire. The existence of the Cathedral is denied by all governments, the media is silent about it, those who ask too many questions or get close to the truth, do not survive the moment of recognition. With the Cardinal at the head of a mysterious organization based on the model of the Cathedral Catholic Church. One of the secret agents of the Cathedral is Vadkan. His task was to carry out special interventions in the territory of historical Hungary. No one but his superiors had ever seen his face. Based on your investigation, however, you found out that Csontváry once made a graphite portrait of him, which he did not have the heart to destroy. He hid it in a safe in a covered house, in a military chest. The team's task is to get this picture in 60 minutes, because after that they have to leave at the time gate.

  • 2-8
  • 60 mins