Maniac 2
Maniac 2

Maniac 2

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Maniac 2 - The origins of evilit catapults you directly into 1975, right into that asylum where horrible things happened. But how did you get there? Have you suddenly gone mad, or is this really the reality? You and your friends are guests of a psychiatric nursing home where Dr. Peterson will help you regain your mental health. As you are told, following a shock, your brain has generated a false life that is not yours. A false past that does not belong to you, while your eyes no longer distinguish what is real from what is not! All your certainties begin to waver the moment you step into the clinic. But unfortunately you have no other choice: opposing will lead you to nothing, if not the terrible care of Dr. Peterson in search of Sara's Medallion!

  • 4-8
  • 90 mins
  • Easy


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