The Dark ForestThe Dark ForestThe Dark ForestThe Dark Forest

The Dark Forest

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You stare, trembling, at the strange clues in your hands. Again and again you mentally read the cryptic lines that your friends left you. Fog shrouds the dark forest. You hear mysterious whispers. What lurks there between the gnarled trees? Shadowy shadows dart back and forth. You remember the villagers' last warning: "Never enter the forest at night, or it will be your last." All clues to your friends' whereabouts lead to a weather-beaten shack at the edge of the forest. Do you dare to follow the tracks? On a playing area of ​​200 square meters you will experience an immersive thriller in a dark forest, but be warned - you are rarely alone in dark forests! Do not engage in the experience if you are very afraid of the dark. We recommend that you wear sturdy shoes and do not wear your best clothes for your experience. The smaller the group, the more intense the experience. One of the most spectacular thriller escape rooms in Europe awaits you at our new location in Wuppertal-Barmen .

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  • 90 mins
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