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  • Escape room
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Permanently Closed - "We wrote 1986. The heroes of our story (the players themselves) are private investigators who, relying only on their observation skills and armed with crystal clear logic, try to prevent the spread of a murderous epidemic. The principal is a certain Dr. D., who visits our investigators in the case of the disappearance of his colleague. The victim - Dr. Stein - is a well-known doctor-researcher who worked on the development of an antidote to a mysterious virus that poses a deadly threat to all of humanity, which in the 20th century appeared in the middle of the 20th century, but now it is spreading at an increasing pace. According to rumors, the professor was nearing the end of his experiments when he mysteriously disappeared." The detectives must quickly find the serum and deliver it to Dr. D before it falls into the wrong hands. You'd better hurry as you have a total of 1 hour to wrap up the case. After that, the authorities will arrive and who knows, maybe the hitherto unknown method of producing the antidote will never be made public!

  • 2-6
  • 60 mins


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