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Mystery House Hamburg

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In search of the mysterious Count's Egg Charm, intellect and wit that is your trademark. You are popular and, above all, well-read. World explorers, astronomers and clever minds like Galileo Galilei, Da Vinci and Columbus fascinate you. Maybe that's why you have the right answer to every question. People meet you in museums, libraries and your official workplace at the university… Probably no one would think that there are true master thieves in you. The gold coin robbery in Venice, the missing mummy in Kathmandu and the legendary exchange of paintings in the Paris museum all go to your account. But of course nobody knows that you are behind all these spectacular master thefts. And that's a good thing... Because of course you've planned your next coup a long time ago and you don't want anyone to catch you. In search of the Count's egg The object of your desire is the legendary Egg of the Count. It is beautiful, unique and above all very valuable. You learned where the Count hides the egg. The path to the egg is said to lead through the old scriptorium. But it shouldn't be easy to get the egg. Many other thieves and crooks have tried to steal the egg. The Count lives a very secluded life in a huge old monastery and is known for not being a philanthropist. He's just a clever man and so he installed tricky world discovery puzzles and insidious traps on the way to the egg, behind the thick monastery walls. So be on your guard... The Count's Scriptorium Scriptorium used to be used to describe writing rooms, often behind monastery walls. Sacred texts were mostly written here by hand. Today, a writing school is often referred to as a scriptorium. The Count's scriptorium is a place of dark secrets, a place of mysterious discoveries, and a place of stories. You are master thieves, but are you ready for the Count's scriptorium? You only have one hour to find the Count's egg and solve the riddles of the scriptorium.

  • 2-6
  • 60 mins


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