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Lunar Mission
Lunar Mission
Lunar Mission

Lunar Mission

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Was it a massive computer glitch? Sabotage? Or maybe something even more sinister? There’s no time for speculation – all you know is that you only have 60 minutes to escape, and you better not forget that research sample! Lunar Mission Escape Room in Koreatown, LA is a fairly difficult escape room game that will test your observation and reasoning skills on board a space station that is quickly running out of oxygen. This game is designed to be challenging, but with creativity, teamwork, and maybe a little luck, both experienced enthusiasts and clever first-timers might just find themselves on an escape shuttle home. Read more The year is 2088, and you’re about to be a part of history! Humanity has just embarked upon the next giant step in our quest towards the stars. We have begun constructing an intergalactic fleet of starships that will allow us to travel beyond the limits of our galaxy for the very first time. Your group is part of Project LUNA, a research program that has been searching for a renewable energy source capable of meeting the energy needs of this intrepid fleet. The heart of Project LUNA is the top-secret research station on the surface of the moon, where NASA scientists have spent years developing an energy prototype based on several unique organic compounds found there. With the program on the verge of a major breakthrough, you and your group of 2-6 are two teams of scientists assigned to the lunar station, with one team just about to join the other aboard the lunar station. Little do any of you know, things are about to take an unexpected turn, and you will soon find yourselves racing against the clock to escape the collapsing lunar station before your oxygen runs out!

  • 2-6
  • 60 mins
  • Hard



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