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The Doll Shop
The Doll Shop
The Doll Shop

The Doll Shop

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Timebox Escape

  • Real Life Escape Room

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A father loved his daughter Millie so much that he opened a doll shop for her. He made her all of her favorite dolls and they were both so happy. Sadly, Millie was accidentally impaled with a workshop tool and died in her father's arms but not before bestowing an evil curse upon Millie's Doll Emporium. The curse drove the father mad and to his death as he tried to desperately please her spirit. Inez, an investigative journalist, is trying to capture the story behind the cursed shop and needs your help collecting evidence after her many failed attempts. She's left some clues behind for you. You've entered the doll shop and now have a choice to make. Will you give Millie what she wants and release the curse or disturb her and take the stake for evidence? Either way, Millie won't make this easy for you and you risk suffering the same fate as the doll

  • 2-6
  • 60 mins


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Mostly Positive


Cool room. Lots and lots to do in order to escape



Customer service

Ideal number of players


There’s a lot to do in this room !

Reviewed Apr 28, 2023 | Played Mar 19, 2023

𓆜𓋘𓄁 𓊛𓇙𓋸𓌤𓌥 𓌦 𓅐𓆢 𓆣 𓀉𓆤 𓆥 𓅑𓆘 𓆙 𓅒𓄙 𓄚 𓄛 𓅓𓃺 𓃻 𓅔 𓅕 𓃕 𓃖 𓃗 𓎷 𓄁𓎸𓅖 𓅽 𓅾 𓅿𓅗 𓅘 𓇆 𓇇𓅙 𓅚 𓁵 𓁶𓂵 𓂶𓃝𓋲 𓋳𓀬 𓅛𓁃 𓂺𓅜 �𓅝𓃄 �𓄁𓅞𓂙 𓅟𓂿 𓆜𓋘𓄁 𓊛𓇙𓋸𓌤𓌥 𓌦 𓅐𓆢 𓆣 𓀉𓆤 𓆥 𓅑𓆘 𓆙 𓅒𓄙 𓄚 𓄛 𓅓𓃺 𓃻 𓅔 𓅕 𓃕 𓃖 𓃗 𓎷 𓄁𓎸𓅖 𓅽 𓅾 𓅿𓅗 𓅘 𓇆 𓇇𓅙 𓅚 𓁵 𓁶𓂵 𓂶𓃝𓋲 𓋳𓀬 𓅛𓁃 𓂺𓅜 𓂨𓅝𓃄 𓄁𓅞𓂙 𓅟𓂿

Reviewed Oct 29, 2022

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