Holiday Puzzle Hunt: It's A Mediocre Life
Holiday Puzzle Hunt: It's A Mediocre Life
Holiday Puzzle Hunt: It's A Mediocre Life

Holiday Puzzle Hunt: It's A Mediocre Life

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Purple Crayon Immersive

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Deck the halls with comedy and clues. It’s a Mediocre Life is the story of an elf who lost their bells. Can you help them complete a series of puzzles in order to get them back? Navigate this make-believe world, meeting zany characters and perusing holiday clues in search of the magic that will restore them. Due to an unfortunate error, (or several unfortunate errors) Mistletoe the Elf was stripped of their magic bells. But all hope is not lost! Wayward Elves always have a chance to prove themselves and win back their bells. Unfortunately, the process is quite complex, as most bureaucratic processes are. Mistletoe needs the help of a team that can decipher the garbled instructions and complete the tasks that are required. ​ The adventure begins on Zoom. Your group will meet Mistletoe and help with the arduous task of winning back the bells. This means working together to sort through the sometimes-confusing instructions provided from headquarters and give Mistletoe a chance to redeem themselves! ​ In this hilarious holiday happening, your group will complete challenges and solve puzzles, and meet several characters played by highly skilled and experienced improv comedians and actors. We recommend each participant keep their cameras and microphones on for best results. This experience is hosted on Zoom, but other video conferencing software can also be used.

  • 6-100
  • 60 mins


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