Flight 220 EX
Flight 220 EX
Flight 220 EX

Flight 220 EX

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Locked in Escape room

  • Real Life Escape Room

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You and your family / friends are headed to a wonderful vacation at Paradise Island! Sun, surf and seaside fun awaits you. Your flight pattern aboard Carribean Air Flight 220 takes you straight through the Bermuda Triangle. Not to fear, your trusty Pilot and his crew will safely nagivate your journey for you.... or will they.... Mayday You have 90 minutes to Escape Flight 220 EX.

  • 4-9
  • 90 mins
  • Unknown



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The theming of this room is unique and executed well. I don’t love the concept of “optional” puzzles but they include them well. Our game master (the owner) is the nicest man you will ever meet and genuinely care about escape rooms and their patrons experience



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Reviewed Mar 15, 2023

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Locked in Escape room

2219 County Rd 220, Middleburg, FL 32068, USA

+1 904 375 1721

Book on https://www.lockedinflorida.com/book-now.html

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