Santa Paws and The Christmas Chaos
Santa Paws and The Christmas Chaos

Santa Paws and The Christmas Chaos

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Beverley Breakout

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Permanently Closed - Well Hello There, Poppy Glitterpants here...Are you feeling Christmassy...we are! We've had a very special and secret visit…Due to Santa being so busy, he asked if Beverley Breakout would help him out again this year, well of course we said yes! Since then the place has been very busy and ’Sugarplum Sparkle’ has been very excited and has added some North Pole excitement. Maybe too much and now we have one big problem... During the big run up to Christmas things can get a bit hectic. Last minute present wrapping, reindeer grooming and making sure Santa's dog 'Santa Paws' is well looked after. Sugarplum Sparkle was on Santa Paws duty when Tilly Gumdrops got herself into a sticky situation, wrapping herself in sellotape. I know we couldn't believe it either, she should leave that job to Bertie Bows. Anyway, Sugarplum Sparkle ran to help Tilly and lost sight of Santa Paws. Upon returning she noticed that Santa's bag was no longer on Santa's desk. The contents of the bag is everything that Santa needs for the big night including his driving licence and his magical key. The only key that can open any locked door in the world. Now Christmas is in 'Chaos'. We've tried to ask Santa Paws to tell us where the bag is but he's more interested in playing with the reindeer and helping himself to Mrs Claus's dog friendly mince pies. We have looked everywhere but cannot find it so the elves are recruiting you to help them. Can you please come and help otherwise I’m not sure everything will be ready for Christmas.

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