Hiding In The Dark

Hiding In The Dark

HIRM Escaperooms

  • Real Life Escape Room

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PERMANENTLY CLOSED - This is NOT an Escape Room! Game format is different. There are places you'd wish to never end up in. Clearly, one of such places is our haunted house. It is expecting every weary wanderer that is brave enough to step through the doorway and give himself in to the evil within the house. But can you really help it if your curiosity keeps pushing you towards adventures? And the possibility to tickle own nerves is just another reason to get into a house like this. For that reason, our haunted house is opening its doors to you today. Enter and fear nothing. At first you will need to literally feel your surroundings and only then make a plan as to what to do next. But remember that every step you make is going to have a consequence. Time is running out fast and if you haven't thought through the right order of actions you might pay very dearly for that. There are so many curious items, mysteries and puzzles surrounding you! Inspect every corner you can find. Let the haunted house open it's mysteries to you and may you not perish in the process.

  • Escape room
  • IRL
  • 4-8
  • 90 mins

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HIRM Escaperooms

Tähtvere 4, 51007 Tartu, Estonia

+372 5147910

Book on http://www.hirm.ee/et/kontakt

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