Hanni̇bal [Hannibal]Hanni̇bal [Hannibal]
Hanni̇bal [Hannibal]
Hanni̇bal [Hannibal]
Hanni̇bal [Hannibal]

Hanni̇bal [Hannibal]

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  • Real Life Escape Room

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You find yourself in the lair of one of the world's most violent serial killers. Plunged into the atmosphere of complete horror, you will feel everything that the victims of the killer felt on themselves. Hannibal is not just one of the most cruel and ruthless killers of all mankind - he stands out for his special intelligence, which left no chance for his victims to survive. But you will have exactly 60 minutes to escape from Hannibal's captivity.

  • 2-6
  • 60 mins
  • Hard

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