Time Cops [Outdoor]
Time Cops [Outdoor]
Time Cops [Outdoor]

Time Cops [Outdoor]

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Escape Hunt UK - Leeds

  • Escape room
  • IRL

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A way to communicate with the future and a mission like no other; you’ve got just 90 minutes to stop the artificial intelligence from being released and save humanity. Time Cops are humanity’s last line of defence. On the streets of Leeds armed with a briefcase full of gadgets, your wits and a device that communicates with the future, it’s down to you and your team to protect the world from danger. A message from the future warns of an evil computer system named H.E.L.A., an artificial intelligence with one goal: to destroy humanity. H.E.L.A. is gathering power through a nest of servers, hidden beneath the streets of Leeds. In 90 minutes, it will become too powerful to control! Assemble your team and race around the streets of Leeds, shutting down the servers before H.E.L.A. wreaks havoc on the world. Time’s ticking Time Cops, the future, is in your hands.

  • 2-6
  • 90 mins


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