Buried Alive
Buried Alive
Buried Alive

Buried Alive

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Intense Escape

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A new friend invited you to a late night scavenger hunt, with a promise of a Big Suprise at the end, you were a bit hesitant at first but when they said you could bring a friend, you reluctantly agreed.... one clue leads to the next until you find yourself at a graveyard standing in front of 2 empty caskets.... Is that your next clue inside? You crawl in to get it, and the casket slams shut.... you are now locked inside.... this "new friend" is actually a serial killer with a demented plan.....locked in two separate caskets, you have 60 minutes to work together to try and escape before the grave keeper returns from break and you are BURIED ALIVE

  • 2
  • 60 mins
  • Medium


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