Zoe: RebornZoe: Reborn
Zoe: Reborn
Zoe: Reborn
Zoe: Reborn

Zoe: Reborn

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Zoe is not just a story. Zoe is tangible proof that nightmares aren't reserved solely for your dreams. Zoe Is Real. You find yourself drawn to an abandoned house that has been haunting your dreams. The eerie force calling you becomes unbearable, and once you arrive at the location, you become trapped. Trapped in a place where a terrifying world where nightmares become reality. The spirits will tell you all that you need to know to free Zoe; all of the dark secrets and rituals you need to execute to end this once and for all. But you're not alone. Uncle Robert is here. While you and your team try to solve the puzzles, you must fight and flee from uncle robert. One wrong step, and his axe will be swiftly put into your back. Imagine a mysterious, run-down house from your darkest nightmares. The abandoned home is vast and consists of multiple rooms, separated by a never-ending hallway of doors. Over 2000 square feet to explore in this 100 minute horror experience. Prepare to explore zoe's bedroom, robert's lair, and other twisted rooms that you'll have to see to believe - if you can last that long without running away in fear. Nightmarish Puzzles Zoe's puzzles exist solidly within its nightmarish world, challenging you with intuitive tasks that feel like genuine interactions with the spirits or means to stay alive. With cryptic sigils, rituals, haunted paintings, satanic circles, and liters of blood, the puzzles will immerse you further into the horror of what has been done to Zoe and what she has become.. Though the puzzles may seem simple outside the haunting environment, the terror you'll experience within Zoe's world makes even the easiest tasks nearly impossible to complete.

  • 4-11
  • 100 mins
  • Expert



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