Killers in the CornKillers in the Corn
Killers in the Corn
Killers in the Corn
Killers in the Corn

Killers in the Corn

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Haunted Forest at Panic Point

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Temporarily Closed - Its just a short walk into horror on a trip to your own personal horror movie. As the wind passes through the stalks they whisper an invitation to go deeper, farther into the path of pain. But its not the wind or the stalks that will get you. Its the living, breathing, horrifying killers await you inside this trail of terror. We’ve summoned some of the most vicious, bloodthirsty killers in the history of myth, and allowed them to equip themselves with the tools of their trade. When they work, its not murder, its artistry at its finest, and you just may end up on the canvas!


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