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Temporarily Closed - There is an all new level of FEAR coming to St Louis Fall 2023 called House of Occult at Lemp Brewery. The Lemp - House of Occult is an EXTREME SCREAM haunted house. Are you brave enough to descend into THE ABYSS of the Lemp Brewery downtown St Louis. Are you ready to travel over a 100 feet underground in subterranean caves and tunnels? Are you prepared to travel deep underground where NO ONE CAN HEAR YOUR SCREAMS? The Lemp Haunted house is BACK in 2022! Are you ready to go DEEP underground WHERE no one CAN hear you SCREAM? In a dark, damp and very cold place deep underground where albino creatures are lurking around every turn ready to consume your soul? How many will enter, how many will survive, how many will beg us to take them out? We warn you DO NOT ENTER unless you are physically and mentally prepared to EXPERIENCE AN EXTREME SCREAM haunted house deep underground at Lemp Brewery. The Lemp Brewery is underground in real caves and caverns. Considered one of the scariest locations in America.


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