Haunted OverloadHaunted OverloadHaunted Overload
Haunted Overload
Haunted Overload
Haunted Overload

Haunted Overload

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Haunted Overload

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Temporarily Closed - In a once ordinary farming village, a tall hooded stranger with a chilling presence arrived on a stormy October night. His eerie eyes and the otherworldly artifacts he bore hinted at his supernatural nature. When the townspeople, overcome by fear, tried to hang him for his unsettling demeanor, he stood suspended in mid-air, revealing his demonic identity. After uttering strange words in an alien tongue, he disappeared amidst a lightning strike, leaving behind two cloven hoof prints on the stone beneath. Following this chilling encounter, the village transformed into a cursed land. The dead rose from their graves, bizarre creatures lurked in the woods, and the villagers themselves changed into undying and undead beings. This cursed town attracted more evil and became a haunting ground for malevolent forces, with travelers often going missing, especially around All Hallow’s Eve when the demon's power is at its zenith. While the village remains, with its sparse buildings and dark history, it's best to avoid it. Those daring to seek out the village should tread with caution and avoid the watching trees - and never look back.

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