Reflections of FearReflections of Fear
Reflections of Fear
Reflections of Fear
Reflections of Fear

Reflections of Fear

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Rigor Mortis Haunted House

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Temporarily Closed - Oh, the mysteries that lie within the eerie depths of The McMinnville Funeral Home! From the mysterious proprietor, Albert, to the secretive cult following of the candle-man, and the hidden truth surrounding Jane Doe. One can't help but wonder how these chilling crimes and macabre funerals are concealed or resolved. The responsibility of managing the funeral home fell upon Albert's wife, the somber and withdrawn Elizabeth. After Albert's passing, she became a quiet and sorrowful widow. It was said that she would gaze into mirrors, covering them with fabric during funerals to ward off malevolent spirits. Tragically, during the infamous candle-man's deadly fire, Elizabeth suffered severe facial burns, leaving her unable to face her own reflection. In her pursuit of beauty, she attempted to assume the identity of Jane Doe, an unidentified and mysterious witch. However, despite her efforts, nothing seemed to work, and chaos ensued within the underground labyrinth of the funeral home. Elizabeth, once a mere maid, was revealed to be the catalyst for it all. Unraveling the deep secrets and connections that led to the haunting of The McMinnville Funeral Home.


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