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Casino TakeOver

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  • Escape room
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Step back in time to old Vegas, where Bugsy Siegel rules the underworld with an iron fist. You've been handpicked by Bugsy himself to prove your mettle by conquering the challenges within his latest casino venture. Succeed, and you'll be promoted to the coveted role of running the casino. Fail, and the consequences are dire—you'll face the notorious fate of being "whacked." The stakes are raised even higher with the option to play as teams pitted against each other, adding a competitive edge to the high-stakes adventure. Strategize, solve intricate puzzles, and navigate the treacherous world of old Vegas mobsters as you vie for power and survival. Do you have what it takes to rise through the ranks and secure your place in the ruthless hierarchy of Bugsy Siegel's empire?

  • 2-20
  • 60 mins
  • Hard


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