The Haunting
The Haunting

The Haunting

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Major Mind Games

  • Escape room
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This is a story of poison and poltergeists…. You are about to explore the formidable Knottoosh Abbey – the former residence of the esteemed Lord and Lady Knottoosh. Back in 1924, the gruesome murder of Sir Perry Becksickle took place at the Abbey and Mrs Elsie Spratt, the abbey’s cook, was falsely arrested. This was a grave miscarriage of Justice. Not long after, Elsie died alone. In prison. An innocent woman. Shortly after the events of that fateful evening, the Knottoosh family reported strange and unpleasant ‘happenings’ in the house, terrifying them from their sleep, so they moved out. The house fell to rack and ruin over the years, and is now condemned. The house is to be turned into high end apartments, despite the fact that local urban legend claims spirits are at unrest in Knottoosh Abbey: Elsie and Perry roam the corridors, desperate for their souls to be freed. Vitally for your mission, the title deeds to Knottoosh Abbey (and the Knottoosh Fortune) have been missing since the early 20s. You represent paranormal investigators hired by the construction company to enter the Abbey, commune with the dead, and find the Knottoosh title deeds… but the spirits that roam the Abbey are determined to stop you. No-one knows what truly happened on that fateful night. Rumour has it that a team of investigators got close a few years back, but no-one has been back into the Abbey since they mysteriously disappeared. We don’t know what you’ll find in there, but if you can make your escape with the title deeds within an hour, the construction company will reward you handsomely. If you fail – then, like many who have gone before you – we may never see you again.

  • 2-8
  • 60 mins


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