Tandy After DarkTandy After DarkTandy After Dark
Tandy After Dark
Tandy After Dark
Tandy After Dark

Tandy After Dark

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The Basement : A Live Escape Room Experience- Las Vegas

  • Escape room
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Introducing Tandy After Dark: a spine-tingling journey into the heart of fear. Step into the eerie world of Edward Tandy, the cannibalistic serial killer, in the dead of night. This exclusive experience, available at 1am on select nights, immerses you in a uniquely chilling adventure. Confront Tandy's sinister puzzles and unearth his darkest secrets as you journey through the night. Dare to play until dawn in this ultimate test of courage and wit. Will you survive the night? During Tandy After Dark, you'll have the entire eerie expanse of The Basement to yourself, making it an even more intimate and spine-tingling encounter. You and your fellow adventurers will embark on an unforgettable journey, tackling both The Basement and The Study escape rooms back-to-back. Plus, capture the chilling memories with a complimentary printed souvenir photo for each member of your brave group. Here's the thrilling twist: while our standard escape room experiences offer a 45-minute challenge, Tandy After Dark lets you play until you conquer the enigmatic puzzles and escape from Tandy's sinister grasp. It's an immersive, all-night adventure like no other.

  • 4+
  • 60 mins


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