The Infected
The Infected
The Infected

The Infected

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Locked In Escapes

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The Steam Age of London—truly a wonderful time to be alive, or so you would think. An insidious malady is plaguing the streets, causing such disorder that it has almost brought this powerhouse of an empire to its knees. You can hardly focus on your own innovations with chaos seeping further and further across the city each day. The situation is dire, and without any direction, you are not sure how to proceed. But one day, you receive an urgent summons in the post. A family member of a colleague is gathering London’s academic elite to find a cure. Do you have what it takes to stop this contagion before it spreads across the globe? Even the security guard is as eager for US THEM OR DEAN’S performance as you are. Opening the door to the dressing room, the guard leaves you for a moment. Boom. A huge bang shakes the colosseum. A bomb has gone off. You and the other fan club members rush backstage and are greeted with a disturbing video. A mad man who calls himself “The Puzzler” has a task for you. Solve the puzzles he has crafted within the hour or his second bomb will destroy the entire colosseum with you inside. Do you have what it takes to save the colosseum?

  • 2-8
  • 60 mins


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