Abandoned ShipAbandoned ShipAbandoned ShipAbandoned Ship

Abandoned Ship

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Permanently Closed - You’re on a deep-sea expedition to locate the lost submarine named the S.S. Odyssey. During the search, your vessel has sustained significant damage and cannot resurface. You’re taking in water and need to work fast! Your crew must find the Odyssey, gain access, and uncover the code to take over the ship’s controls. You have one hour before both vessels are completely submerged, turning the Odyssey into an underwater tomb! Decipher the evidence left behind by the Odyssey’s crew to find the code you need to get out of danger. You must work together to follow the clues before it’s too late. Can you solve the puzzle before your vessel is lost for good?

  • 1-8
  • 60 mins
  • Medium


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