Paralelní Vesmír [Parallel Universe]
Paralelní Vesmír [Parallel Universe]

Paralelní Vesmír [Parallel Universe]

Atomiq Games

  • Escape room
  • IRL

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The biggest escape game in this part of the universe had been created by the veterinarian, space engineer for the European Space Agency and psychologist. For you and your kids, we have created a space where you can test your creativity, the ability to cooperate, and you also get a dose of adrenaline. We wanted to create a game that is exciting, but not horror. In the creation of the Parallel Universe, we were slightly inspired by the book Intermediate from one of the most famous sci-fi and fantasy authors Neil Gaiman. According to some physical theories, it is likely that our universe is only one of many. There are a myriad of parallel ones that are more or less similar to ours. Some have gone the way of technology, another way of magic. Our Earth is somewhere in the middle. We are building rockets, power stations and machines and at the same time most people believe in angels, ghosts and magic.

  • 2-12
  • 66 mins
  • Variable