Museum RobberyMuseum RobberyMuseum Robbery

Museum Robbery

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A/Maze West Island

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Permanently Closed - Eleanor Tremblay had decided to travel the world for a full year. Right before coming back home, she stopped in Argentina to visit the forest of Patagonia. Something strange must have happened there, because when she came back, she became distant, cold, but also, extraordinary. The artist created many paintings and sculptures in her lifetime, but none are as valuable as the last one she ever made. Right before her untimely death, a hidden sculpture came to life. You suspect this sculpture to contain the Medallion, a powerful object that holds amazing powers. This object could be the answer to everything you have ever wanted to know. It is said to hold all the secrets of the universe. It’s up to you to collect the sculpture from her exhibition before the guards come back.

  • 2-6
  • 60 mins


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