The Ghostly Galleon - RemoteThe Ghostly Galleon - Remote
The Ghostly Galleon - Remote
The Ghostly Galleon - Remote
The Ghostly Galleon - Remote

The Ghostly Galleon - Remote

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Hourglass Escapes

  • Virtual Escape Room

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PERMANENTLY CLOSED - While you and the rest of Jacques Cousteadians research team are exploring the Bermuda Triangle with your Zoom enabled sea drone, you got sucked into the lost wreck of the Ghostly Galleon and then Electro-Ecoplasmically connected to the spirit of the Banshee Buccaneer! Now seeing through their eyes, you must break the curse or lose your mind and soul into the abyss…. forever! Muwhahahah!

  • 3-6
  • 60 mins


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As with the other rooms I have played at Hourglass, this room is incredibly designed. The attention to detail makes it very immersive and , as always, the puzzles are quite unique. The game master does a great job acting in character as well. Though the game is currently closed, it is tweaked with different puzzles and seasonal decorations for Christmas. I played the Christmas version as well as it was totally nee puzzles and was able to enjoy this room all over again :)

Reviewed Dec 20, 2021

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