A Twist Of Oz
A Twist Of Oz
A Twist Of Oz

A Twist Of Oz

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Key to Escape

  • Escape room
  • IRL

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Coming Soon - A terrible storm is headed to Statesville and you have arrived at Key to Escape just in time to hunker down and ride it out in a building that has stood for over 100 years. We have a very safe room to help ensure your safety. When the tornado warning alarm sounds..... brace yourself. Things are going to get really weird. You may think you know what to expect next.... After the storm passes, you and your team will find yourselves in the midst of a familiar world and you will have to figure out how to get back to Statesville. Making things worse, the Wicked Witch is a bit upset that your housing arrangements ended the life of her equally wicked sister. She has placed a curse on your group and if you do not find your way free of that curse in one hour, you are doomed to live in the Twisted World of Oz forever and serve as one of her Flying Monkeys!

  • 2-6
  • 60 mins


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