The Time Machine
The Time Machine

The Time Machine

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In the not too distant future, science has nearly intersected with science fiction. Researchers are on the verge of discovering time travel but are being thwarted at every turn. Fearing the ramifications of people tampering with time, a secretive group known as the Temporal Interference and Manipulation Eradicators (T.I.M.E.) have been conducting terrorist attacks to impede scientific progress and bring publicity to their cause. Dr. Jones, the head of a secret government lab near Portland, has claimed to have recently made a huge breakthrough. Unfortunately, T.I.M.E. planted a bomb in his lab, destroying all their research. You’re members of an ultra-secret team of investigators recruited for your backgrounds in theoretical physics. You must visit the destroyed lab to salvage what research you can while also attempting to bring T.I.M.E. to justice. But hurry! No one knows if T.I.M.E. will strike again! Can you get to the bottom of what happened?

  • 2-8
  • 60 mins
  • Medium


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