La Mina [The Mine]
La Mina [The Mine]
La Mina [The Mine]

La Mina [The Mine]

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  • Escape room
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For more than a hundred years, the St. Louis Mine was used as a source of mineral resources, until an unexpected explosion caused all its workers to be trapped inside. Since then, there are many who have speculated with all kinds of hypotheses about the event ... The Dunklerde company has managed to reopen the Mine and has expressed its commitment to take charge of the recovery of all the victims who were trapped in the place. However, its real purposes are not entirely clear, since according to expert voices, the Mine no longer has as many mineral resources as in the past. This situation has again fueled the old rumors of the existence of a rare and valuable source of minerals in the Mine, which is why some say that the real objective of this company is to find them. Are the rumors true? What mysteries does the St. Louis Mine hide?

  • 2-7
  • 90 mins
  • Hard



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