Legend Of The Pharaoh
Legend Of The Pharaoh
Legend Of The Pharaoh

Legend Of The Pharaoh

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​In 1922, an archaeologist named, Howard Carter and his team discovered the Tomb of Tutankhamun. After learning of the artifacts and treasures inside the tomb, he decided to build an office concealing the entrance so no one else could enter the Tomb. Carter became greedy and began packing the artifacts to take for his personal collection. He liked one item so much he took it back with him and secured it in his office. By removing it from the tomb, the Egyptian Gods placed a curse on Carter dooming him to his death if he ever returned to the tomb. When Carter went back to take the rest of the items he was never seen again. There is a legend that says if someone were to return the stolen artifacts back to their rightful place the gods would gift them with the Golden Staff of Tutankhamun. However, once the quest begins you only have 1 hour to find the artifacts and return them to their rightful spot, or suffer the same fate as Carter!

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  • 60 mins
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