The Cutting Room
The Cutting Room
The Cutting Room

The Cutting Room

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Locked In Edinburgh

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In 1987 a series of bizarre murders plagued the city of Edinburgh. Over a span of a few months, 6 victims were found in various closes in the city.The victims were all male, in good physical condition and in their twenties. When dissected it was clear they were all missing an organ but a primitive replacement was found in its place.Just as swiftly as they had started the murders stopped.The police never found out who was behind it all and eventually gave up the case after years of searching.But last night there was an unexpected development in the case, 5 new victims. we don’t know why he’s back, why he’s taking organs but let’s be clear. If we don’t find the missing organs in the next hour 5 men will die. We’re counting on you.

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  • 60 mins
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