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The Secret Lab
The Secret Lab
The Secret Lab

The Secret Lab

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The year is 1972 and Summerhall is home to The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies. Advancements in animal medicine have never been so progressive and revolutionary with record breaking numbers of animal organ transplants. Whilst students learn how to perform canine dentistry and the difference between a fur-ball and a swollen lymph gland, a secretive lab at Summerhall is created. The lab known as the Kensie Research Lab or the ‘Secret Lab’ was a marvel of the 70’s with technology that no dog could ever imagine. It contained the very best equipment money could buy and a group of scientists whose work would go down in history. The genius in charge of the lab was Dr. Elsie Kensie, a brilliant bio-scientist, specialising in domestic animals. Her experiments were groundbreaking, her ideas were radical but not everything played out how she hoped. Do you have what it takes to discover the secrets that she was working on and help save the pets of the world?

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