Dog Days
Dog Days
Dog Days

Dog Days

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You and your litter mates came into the world on a cold February night. The wind chilled the tips of your wet noses as the smell of back alley city streets filled the air. Asphalt and sidewalk are all that you’ve ever known, and your mom made sure you were fed and warm until your coat grew thick. The days in the life of an alley dog were enjoyable. Until one day, a run-in with the dog catcher, Brutus sent you all running for safety. Your mother would protect you at all costs. She hid you and your siblings behind a dumpster before Brutus tightened his capture noose around her neck. And she was gone. You remain with your litter mates behind the dumpster until one day, A nice older dog takes you and your orphaned siblings into his placement agency. You’re far too young to care for yourselves, so you’re going to need help. That is when you’re placed in temporary foster care. Your new foster mom built you a large kennel inside her home and left you with plenty of toys. That’s when you met Morgan, a local Havanese that spends his days outside these walls. Could Morgan help you find your mom? Or will Brutus keep her locked up in the shelter? It would be best if you hurry, there isn’t much time to waste.

  • 4-8
  • 60 mins
  • Hard



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