The Graverobber's DilemmaThe Graverobber's Dilemma
The Graverobber's Dilemma
The Graverobber's Dilemma
The Graverobber's Dilemma

The Graverobber's Dilemma

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Ravenchase: Escape Room Herndon

  • Escape room
  • IRL

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You and your crew of graverobbers have gone to the site of a recent burial to extract a large diamond that was left with the body. Once you get there though you see that the grave has already been looted and the thief left behind a box containing an address. You arrive at that address, and this is where your game begins.Can you find the body and steal back the diamond from this mysterious culprit, or will you get trapped inside the Graverobber's Dilemma?

  • 2-7
  • 60 mins
  • Medium



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