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Boda Borg Boston Quests

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Boda Borg

  • Real Life Escape Room

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What exactly is a Quest? Probably the most exhilarating experience you’re going to have outside of your home with a group of people! OK, we know that didn’t answer your question exactly, but still it’s true. Complicated to explain; you need to just experience it! Go to the “What is Questing” section of this site for more info. It’s like nothing you’ve ever done in your entire life, and there’s literally nothing to compare it to, so it’s hard to explain. It’s somewhat like you, along with a small team, trying to do the types of things Indiana Jones or Laura Croft might do in a movie…except it’s real. The best way, by far, is to go do it. After that, we’ll let you try and explain it. Here’s what Questing is not: it’s not an Escape Room of any type, it’s not virtual reality or augmented reality, or anything that gives digital environments, it’s not anything to do with using a computer to play games, it’s not obstacle course racing, it’s not anything athletic or competitive, and it’s not anything that requires a certain level of education.

  • Escape room
  • Other
  • 3-19
  • 240 mins
  • Hard



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Remember, you need at least three people to Quest and we don't add people to your party at Boda Borg. Pay once, and you can try to conquer as many Quests as you want with your time at Boda Borg, as many times as you want. Your choice entirely.

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