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Sister's Secret
Sister's Secret

Sister's Secret

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The Unlockables - San Diego

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As part of the Paranormal Division of the Bureau (aka The Cult And Spectral Phenomena Examination Research Team) you have been assigned an investigation at a local house where neighbors have been witnessing flashing lights and unexplained sounds coming from the home. The previous investigative team started a few days ago, but 60 minutes into their investigation the entire team suddenly disappeared, just like the team before them. Together you will assemble your team of brave investigators and find out who or what is taking our team members. There is something strange about the house on the corner… The information we have about the family who lived there is sparse. We know that two sisters had lived at the house after inheriting it from their parents. The sisters were inseparable, only a year apart they did everything together from volleyball games, hiking, and being instagram foodies. But when one of them suddenly dies the other went into a deep dark depression and was haunted by the fact that her beloved sister was no longer with her. Its up to you to find out the secret being kept inside this house.. are you brave enough to face your fears and uncover the truth? Are you unlockable?

  • 2-6
  • 75 mins
  • Medium



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