Lake Hickory HauntsLake Hickory HauntsLake Hickory HauntsLake Hickory Haunts
Lake Hickory Haunts
Lake Hickory Haunts
Lake Hickory Haunts

Lake Hickory Haunts

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Lake Hickory Haunts

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Temporarily Closed - New at lake hickory haunts 2023: Boss’s big top circus is all new and bigger than ever! Boss the clown has one goal, to transform all humans into clowns; so he and his evil clown army can take over the world by any means necessary! Let’s just say, boss doesn’t like humans very much. This year, boss and his clown army have been hard at work, creating brand new and mesmerizing experiences, in order to lure humans into his top secret laboratory! The all-new freak show and all-new funhouse of sweets & treats may be tempting, but watch out… boss has hidden tricks up his sleeves and around every corner! Whatever you do… do not enter his top secret laboratory. If you do find yourself in boss’s laboratory, you must make a choice; either be turned into a clown or die! Our suggestion, give up! Boss is no bozo, and him and his clowns don’t clown around (well, maybe sometimes). Either way, boss is a force not to be reckoned with. It’s all fun and games until you’re turned into a clown, or is that when the fun and games begin? We recommend not finding out for yourself. Beware of boss the clown’s top secret laboratory! Ghost town! In the hollows of lake hickory haunts, an “abandoned” town awaits. Over a century ago, this town was booming and filled with crime and anarchy, much like the wild western towns of the 1800’s. Now, it’s a ghost town. Over 100 years later, the town is once again alive! Filled with ghastly, restless, and displeased spirits, the ghost town is more alive than it may look. As you make your way through the ghost town, beware… and respect the dead… or else! Massive updates to the midway of mayhem! Our fun and exciting midway of mayhem is now even bigger!! With two times the midway space, you will find no shortage of games, food, and attractions in the 2023 midway of mayhem at lake hickory haunts! New additions, surprises, and scares around every corner!!



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