Escape room kits and how they work

Wondering what are escape room kits and how they work? Discover how to pick the ideal option for an unforgettable team-building or entertainment experience.

Escape room kits and how they work
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Escape room kits and how they work: The complete A-Z guide

Have you ever wanted to recreate the excitement of a professional escape room venue at home? Escape room kits are designed to do just that, bringing the challenge and fun of the viral experience right to you. They include puzzles, clues, and a story to follow that can be done from your home, school, or office. Whether for a team-building exercise, a party, or a memorable evening with friends, these kits provide a unique experience without the hassle of going out.
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But what’s the real deal with these kits, and how do they work? Essentially, they are a collection of puzzles and narrative elements that guide players through a game, requiring teamwork and problem-solving to complete. The kit provides everything you need to get started, including instructions on setting up and guiding players through the game. Let’s look at how to create an unforgettable team-building or entertainment experience with an escape room kit.

What are escape room kits?

Escape room kits are your all-in-one solution for recreating the escape room experience anywhere. They come packed with puzzles, clues, and a storyline that guides players through a series of challenges to achieve a specific goal — usually escaping from a fictional scenario. Unlike traditional escape rooms, these kits can be downloaded or purchased as physical boxes, making them an accessible option for entertainment or team-building exercises. (Pro tip: if you're new to the concept of escape rooms, our post, What is an escape room, provides a solid introduction.)

What's included in an escape room kit?

Looking to recreate the thrill of an escape room in your own space? Escape room kits come fully loaded with everything you need for an immersive experience, including:
  • Instructions: Clear and concise instructions for setting up and facilitating the game.
  • Storyline: A captivating narrative that sets the stage and drives the players' mission.
  • Props: Theme-specific props to enhance immersion and authenticity.
  • Puzzles: Engaging and diverse puzzles that challenge players' problem-solving skills.
  • Clues: Cleverly hidden clues to unravel the mystery and progress through the game.
  • Solution key: A solution key or guide to assist players when they get stuck.
  • Timer: A timer to add excitement and urgency to the gameplay.
  • Printable materials: For downloadable kits, printable materials such as puzzle sheets and clues.

Types of escape room kits

Crafted with intricate puzzles and immersive themes, these kits are an excellent way to add a touch of mystery and excitement to any party or team event.

Escape room kits for adults

Adult-level escape room kits can be easily downloaded, printed, and set up anywhere. This flexibility allows hosts to tailor the escape room experience to their group’s tastes and interests, ensuring a unique and memorable experience every time. For those looking to delve deeper into customizing their experience, our guide on how to win an escape room provides strategies and tips that are adaptable to your home setup.

Downloadable escape room kits for adults

These kits can be easily downloaded, printed, and set up wherever you want. This flexibility allows hosts to tailor the escape room experience to their group’s tastes and interests, ensuring a unique and memorable experience every time.

Escape room home kits

Designed with families and groups in mind, these kits provide a compelling activity for those looking to enjoy an engaging game in the comfort of their home. They come in various themes and difficulty levels, catering to all ages and ensuring everyone, from kids to adults, can participate and enjoy the challenge. (FYI, if you have guests who feel anxious in tight spaces, we have a guide on claustrophobia and escape rooms that addresses common concerns.)

Escape room kits for team building activities

These kits promote teamwork and enhance communication, making them powerful tools for corporate events or group activities. They are crafted to engage team members, encouraging them to collaborate and solve problems together, which can help improve workplace dynamics and team cohesion. If you're considering an escape room for a corporate event, our article on escape room team building explores the benefits and offers tips on leveraging these experiences for team development.
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How do escape room kits work?

Setting up an escape room kit is straightforward. Here’s a general flow of how these kits operate:


Begin by choosing your kit and setting up the game area. If you're using a downloadable kit, print the materials beforehand.


Each kit has a storyline or scenario that sets the stage. Players are introduced to their objective, whether solving a mystery or escaping a "locked room."


Players work together to solve puzzles and decipher clues. These challenges must be completed sequentially, guiding the team toward the final solution.


The game concludes once the final puzzle is solved, allowing players to "escape" within the set time limit.

Benefits of using escape room kits for team building

Escape room kits are more than just fun and games. They offer tangible benefits for teams, including:

Enhanced communication

Players must communicate effectively to solve the puzzles, fostering better teamwork and collaboration.

Problem-solving skills

The challenges encourage critical thinking and creativity, which are transferable skills to the workplace.


These kits break from the usual team-building activities, keeping everyone engaged and motivated.


With the option to choose the location, time, and theme, escape room kits are a flexible option for bringing teams together.
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Choosing the right escape room kit

With so many options available, how do you pick the best kit? Here are some tips:

Know your audience

When selecting an escape room kit, consider your players’ age groups and interests. Some kits are designed with complex puzzles and mature themes suited for adults, while others offer a more family-friendly experience.

Consider the theme

Picking a theme that resonates with your group can make all the difference. Whether you're drawn to the suspense of a mystery, the thrill of an adventure, or the chill of a horror theme, choosing a theme that sparks joy among your players can amplify the overall experience.

Choose your level

It is crucial to select a kit whose difficulty level aligns with your players' problem-solving skills. Opting for a kit that matches the group's ability ensures that the game is challenging enough to be engaging without being so complex that it becomes frustrating.

Read reviews

Reading reviews from others who have tried a particular escape room kit can be incredibly insightful. These firsthand accounts can shed light on aspects like the story’s coherence, the logic of the puzzles, and the overall enjoyment, helping you choose a quality kit.

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How long does an escape room kit game last?
Most games are designed to last between 60 and 90 minutes, but this can vary based on the complexity of the kit and the players’ experience levels.
Can escape room kits be reused?
Physical kits may have one-time-use components, but downloadable kits can often be reset and played again with a new group.
Are escape room kits suitable for children?
While many kits are designed for adults, family-friendly options are also available for children, often with a lower difficulty level and engaging themes.
How many people can play an escape room kit game?
This varies by kit, but most are designed for groups of 2 to 6 players. Some kits offer flexibility to accommodate larger groups by splitting into teams.

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