Conspiracy Of Tia Canyons CorpConspiracy Of Tia Canyons CorpConspiracy Of Tia Canyons Corp

Conspiracy Of Tia Canyons Corp

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MindTrap Escape Room - Temecula

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CAN YOU UNCOVER THE CONSPIRACY? What if they ARE watching you? What if you ARE being followed? What if you ARE being poisoned, manipulated, and controlled, and your data being tracked and trafficked? What if the companies who claim to be on our side have been against us all along? Explore the twisted secrets of the maintenance tunnel beneath the global headquarters of Tia Canyons Corp as you race against time in this thrilling and mind-bending sequel to CONSPIRACY. Can you unravel the threads of a massive worldwide conspiracy, destroy the server mainframe, and expose the truth before time runs out?

  • 2-8
  • 60 mins
  • Hard


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