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Maze Rooms - Vermont

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Mount Olympus is under siege, and only you can save it! Embark on an adventure through the world of Greek mythology in Sky Odyssey escape room, a medium-level puzzle game of legendary proportions. Blending humor and drama in a 70-minute escape room experience, Sky Odyssey is suitable for teams of 4-10 children or adults. Much like Hercules, many tasks will await those brave enough to explore Mount Olympus, so while the game is not designed to be particularly challenging, a larger band of adventurers is recommended! Eons after their defeat at the hands of the Gods of Olympus, the ancient and evil Titans have broken free from their prison and waged war on the world once again! Zeus and the other deities have been turned to stone, and the Titans have laid siege to Mount Olympus itself! Summoned by Gaia, one of the few Titans loyal to Olympus, you and you band of explorers must travel on a hot air balloon to the land of the deities, where you must activate a magic weapon that can turn the tide of conflict before it is too late. Prepare yourself for a divine adventure, and work together to gather the magical artifacts that will help you repel the Titans and save Olympus. Along the way, you will meet a colorful cast of characters drawn straight from the lore of Greek mythology, enlisting their help in your race against the clock. Feeling especially daring? Even after saving Olympus, there await several bonus tasks that will test even the most experienced puzzle solvers. Those clever (or lucky!) enough to complete these additional challenges might find discover an even more tempting reward…

  • 4-10
  • 70 mins
  • Hard



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