Titkos Metró [Secret Subway]Titkos Metró [Secret Subway]
Titkos Metró [Secret Subway]
Titkos Metró [Secret Subway]
Titkos Metró [Secret Subway]

Titkos Metró [Secret Subway]

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E-Exit Escape Room Budapest

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Secret Subway is our newest and most difficult room, this is why we decided to make it 75 minutes long. The atmosphere of the room is reminiscent of Jules Verne, it is a true steampunk room that was created based on a true story with a twist. You enter the world of an inventor who would deserve all the glory but was sadly forgotten about – you will also realise this as you turn on their fantastic inventions! You final goal is to find the name of the inventor and escape from the trap they set up! As you may be accustomed to at E-Exit, this escape room is also full of surprising twists and turns and effects you wouldn’t even think of. We tried our best to create a room that provides maximum challenge and experience, and based on our players’ feedback, we succeeded! Of course, the final moments of the room are absolutely unique as well. Secret Subway is especially recommended to experienced players and enthusiasts; beginners should choose one of our easier rooms first! The room is recommended for bigger teams.

  • 2-6
  • 75 mins
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