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Maze Rooms - Tarzana

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Vampire is about to wake up… we need to prevent disaster! Approaching danger in face of Vampire is awaiting you in his mansion that located at Maze Escape Rooms in Tarzana. Vampire Escape Room, brings you to the hard level difficulty experience that includes the most high tech puzzles in San Fernando Valley. Imagine your team as one of the best Vampire hunters in the world and Van Helsing asks for your helping hand in this terrific situation. A very very long time ago, when Transylvania was peaceful small region in Romania, where people was doing their jobs on the fields and birds were flying, he showed up. The most powerful Vampire as the world seen so far and disaster has begun. After endless fight with Transylvanian peasants, Vampire lost all his power. It was a huge loss for population of Transylvania, a lot of blood was spilled. Desired rest supposed to take whole decade, which was peaceful time for everyone, but unfortunately that time has ended. A hundred years later recent news about soon Vampire wake up shocked every Transylvanian dweller. People got scared, because they still remember what happened a hundred years ago. Fortunately, for them, famous monster slayer Van Helsing had a plan of killing this horrible creature. He decided to get right inside Vampire’s mansion and kill him right at the spot of his recreation. Obviously, assassination of this powerful Vampire takes a lot of energy that Van Helsing himself does not possess. Now, it is your turn to help him. Prepare yourself for secret entry in depths of Vampire’s residence in which fearful voices are literally seeping through the walls. Along the way you will meet dazzling real puzzles that reliably secruing Vampire from disturbance. Will you be able to solve them in order to kill the Vampire and consequently save thousand of lives from his insatiable lust for bloodshed? Who knows if you are follower of notable Van Helsing? Check it out by playing Vampire Escape Room in Tarzana! It is great choice for big groups of people because this Escape Room is pretty big and can fit up to eight people at the same time.

  • 3-8
  • 60 mins
  • Hard


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