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One Way Ticket

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Maze Rooms - Hollywood

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Step aboard our magnificent train, but beware the journey may take you to your death. Enjoy your one way ticket on the train! Welcome to the Maze Room’s One Way Ticket Game It’s a journey of no coming back! Step aboard our magnificent train and zoom off on a journey that may take you to your death. It’s a one-way ticket on the train, and there is no coming back. A trip which is supposed to be memorable with beautiful scenery and comfortable accommodation turn sour as your team finds out the train is booby-trapped with a bomb. With the train speeding steadily to your destination and with each of you having a one-way ticket, you need to escape the train within 60 minutes, or it will be your last train ride. Do you have what it takes to escape with your lives from the locked train, within an hour? It is left for you to find out! This heart-pounding escape room game is designed to improve your problem solving and critical thinking skills while providing you with fantastic fun with friends, family, and co-workers. As a premier escape room games provider, The Maze Room designed this game with fantastic special effects and thought-provoking puzzles that will blow your mind. With the various problem-solving tools and moderately tricky challenges, your team is thrown into an entirely new dimension for 60 minutes, engaged in mental reasoning. The game tests your teamwork and logic reasoning and checks whether you have all it takes to synergize and work your way out. The game relieves you of the everyday stress and ignites your mental reasoning to bounce back to your daily life mentally refreshed. Maze Rooms staff is always on ground to assist you when the need arises, and you are free to quit the game at any point. As one of the amazing escape rooms in LA, The Maze Escape Room have redefined real puzzle games in LA and is located at a strategic point from where you can assess major hotels and guesthouses. You’re advised to arrive at least 20 minutes before your game starts to enable you to settle in and prepare properly. Don’t miss out on experiencing fun at our unique indoor entertainment facility in Los Angeles.

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  • 60 mins
  • Medium


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